Modul 80Wp Sunrise Polycrystalline

Deskripsi Produk

The Sunrise is an advanced 80W photovoltaic module (Licensy Japan) using cells with SiN coating that addresses the needs of rural electrification for remote homes that do not have access to the utility grid and remote industrial applications such as telemetry and instrumentation systems. This product offers improved efficiency through the use of advanced Polycrystalline cells and a 12V nominal power output, making it ideal for battery charging applications. It has proven performance at high temperatures and its robust design makes the product durable in the field and easy to install.


Max. Power (P.Max)             : 80 Watt Peak

Voltage at P.Max (Vmp)       : 17.6 Vdc

Current at P.Max (Imp)       : 4.55 A

Short Circuit Current (Isc)  : 5.09 A

Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)  : 21.0 V

Max. System Voltage            : 1000 Vdc

Protection IP65

At STC (Standart Test Condition)

AM 1.5 1000W/m2 25 degree Celcius.




Length          ; 950 mm       

Wide             ; 670 mm       

Depth            ; 35 mm

Weight                        : + 8 kg

Quanty Cells              : 36 Cells

Cell dimension           : 156mm

Type Cells                  : Polycrystalline

Frame                         : Alumunium alloy , Universal

Junction Box              : Plastic ABS.

Directly converts solar energy into electric energy, High_effecient cells contruction, High transmissivity low-iron 3mm toughened glass, Robust and corrosion resisstant, Light anodized alumunium

*Belum termasuk biaya kirim (Franco workshop/gudang CV. Aneka Surya), biaya paking pallet, dan biaya komponen set penyangga modul.

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